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GET SET for iPhone/iPad

Get Set is an app built specifically for musicians and engineers to help store all those photos you takes of your effects pedals, dials, settings etc so you can recall them later.

Main Features:

  • Store multiple photos of your favourite settings in one place - whether it be for a specific song, recording section etc.
  • Recall any setting group easily from the library and dial it in using the photo that you take as a reference.
  • Perfect for effects pedals, amps, instrument knobs and anything else you need to recall.
  • Give your settings a name and save any notes alongside them eg 'Great sound for solos'.
  • Allows for multiple photos per setting so you can save great effects pedal combinations.
  • A torch button on the setting detail screen is provided for low light situations like gigs.

Get Set ensures that you never lose the great sound you have discovered. It also frees you up to experiment with different sounds, knowing that you can always get back to your favourites at any time.

In addition, for musicians performing live, the 'Set Lists' feature allows you to create a list of your songs and associate a setting with each one. The setting photo is easily accessed from the setlist, making it a great way to quickly set up your effects throughout a gig.

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